Nearly all commodity prices rose in the first quarter of the year, and most are now above pre-pandemic levels.  The gains have been driven by the recovery in global economic activity, as well as some specific supply factors, particularly for oil, copper, and some food commodities.

Specifically, below we want to show how these increases are affecting a can of tuna:

In addition, prices to ship containers from Asia to the U.S. and Europe are rising at a historic pace as cargo owners bid up rates in a search for ocean transportation capacity that shipping industry executives expect to remain tight for the rest of the year.

Also, the Maremi range as been enriched with the new peas and beans salads to move the Airone range competitive in comparison to the Italian market leaders.

Il Buatto

Dear Partner,

Il Buatto is a specialists in the processing of 100% Made in Italy agricultural products. The products are mainly delizioso red cherry tomato, delizioso yellow cherry tomato, grilled onions and the incomparable cream of zucchini!

The company motto is: “Life is a matter of choices, we choose… the raw material! “

Our partners personally go to the production sites local producers based in the Puglia region where the healthiness of the raw materials used are carefully verified. Once the raw material has been chosen a Traceability System of food components is used to guarantee the health of our consumer.

The company operates in the premium sector due to the exclusive and selected producers and consequent limited harvest. An example of this are the 100% Italian peppers, round, whole. The products are first emptied of their contents, then stuffed with a filling of tuna and chopped capers. The fresh chillies are harvested in season and processed entirely by hand.

Another typical specialty our partner takes care of is the artichoke which has exceptional nutraceutical properties as well as providing very few calories. Among the main elements it provides are soluble fiber, mineral salts (calcium, iron and magnesium in the first place) and vitamin B9.
Carefully chosen and grilled, the artichokes are divided in half or in wedges, flavoured with other ingredients of our land and preserved in sunflower oil. Few people know that Italy is today the largest artichoke producer in the world and 35% of these are produced in Puglia.
For the packaging the company only uses tinplate box because this material offers a number of benefits including the capability to preserve the characteristics and nutritional properties and protecting them from the sun rays
It is important that the sun rays do not reach the product because they could affect its quality by altering its flavour and reducing the vitamin intake.


We would like to introduce you to Artigiana Sud which is one the first Italian producer of veggie pickles (Mushrooms , Artichokes , Eggplants , Neapolitan broccoli (friarielli), Roasted Peppers and marinated seafood such as Anchovies, Salmon and Octopus. 

Thanks to innovative technology and scrupulous packaging techniques, the company has managed to keep the ingredients fresh and unaltered, to guarantee quality and safety to the consumer.

The great flexibility has allowed the company to become partner of some of the European market leaders in this sector which have selected Artigiana Sud for their private label


After 3 years of market research on the field we happy to introduce you to Airone which specialises in 100% fillet yellowfin tuna and other canned fish.

Altomar represents the highest quality in the production of canned tuna; the fish is all hand-worked, made exclusively with olive oil and with specimens of the finest yellowfin that do not exceed 15 kg in weight. The tuna, carefully selected one by one, is characterised with the light pink color and its softness as well as by the delicacy of it flavour capable of satisfying the most refined palates.

Airone is specialised in canned fish and other food products since 1994. The production plant is located in Abidjan, the largest port in the Eastern Central Atlantic, a zero-mile plant for processing tuna following the highest international quality standards.

Airone processes tuna using Italian technologies and recipes, flanked by local work managed with international criteria. The ownership, management and warehouses are located in Italy.

100 MILLION cans of tuna, jars and bags produced every year
23.000 TONNES of produced tuna a year
1.000 PEOPLE permanently employed in Abidjan
22.000 SQM production plant in the Ivory Coast
10.000  SQM warehouse and cold stores in the Ivory Coast
18.000 SQM warehouse in Reggio Emilia

Italian Tomatoes harvest news 2020

Italian Tomatoes harvest news 2020

In Italy, as in most European processing regions, companies launched into the 2020 season with comparatively much lower inventories than last year, due to increased demand caused by the Covid pandemic, but also with significantly higher income levels.

Consumption increased dramatically in March and April, then stabilised in May and June, although demand remained strong. This means that at this stage, apart from rare cases there is no longer any product in stock, as all the products have been sold.

Almost 4 weeks after the start of processing the Italian producers are having the following problems:

• Lack of early ripening
• Concentration of the ripening of most of the tomato in August
• Very low yield in pulp production due to the poor consistency of the tomato
• Very early end of the campaign and little availability of late tomatoes


New price lists are expected to come between next week and the end of September.
Despite the above problems the Italian price is not expect to move much from the levels of last year but the recent appreciation of the Euro, especially against the US dollar, might impact on some local price.

Naturali takes care of developing the business for Italian tomato producers in worldwide. Each member of the team has specific knowledge regarding the country in which they operate making sure to adapt and comply to regional requirements.