It’s time to think about one of the most important period of the year for many markets: Christmas! We would like to announce Collezioni Casella is ready with Christmas hampers catalogue

Since the 80s Casella is the renowned company of gift packaging industry, able to pack with care and passion of great quality food gifts.

The company is well recognised in the industry for its capability to adapt to different market circumstances across the world both with the Casella brand and Private Label

Year after year, Casella SpA offers unique solutions and high-impact, becoming the best point of reference for those who want to purchase corporate gifts and prefer, at discounted Christmas presents, wanted Christmas gifts, which stand for quality and originality.


We would like to introduce you to Artigiana Sud which is one the first Italian producer of veggie pickles (Mushrooms , Artichokes , Eggplants , Neapolitan broccoli (friarielli), Roasted Peppers and marinated seafood such as Anchovies, Salmon and Octopus. 

Thanks to innovative technology and scrupulous packaging techniques, the company has managed to keep the ingredients fresh and unaltered, to guarantee quality and safety to the consumer.

The great flexibility has allowed the company to become partner of some of the European market leaders in this sector which have selected Artigiana Sud for their private label


We would like to introduce you to Frutti Rossi, an Italian leader in the production of pomegranates (over 300 hectares), avocado (40 hectares), goji and aronia berries.

Particularly pomegranates consumption is increasing substantially as its juice can have up to three times more antioxidants than green tea or red wine and protects cells from damage, prevent diseases and reduce inflammation and the effects of ageing.

For this reason the company has invested €20 million  and launched LOME: two new lines of cold extract and ambient juices without added sugar or preservatives created for the large-scale retail channel and foodservice.

The raw materials come from areas close to the processing plant, in order to process zero-mile products and control the supply chain, from production to processing to sale.

The ambient juice range includes:

  • 100% Pomegranate mono-reference
  • pomegranate, ginger and lemon
  • pomegranate and goji
  • pomegranate and orange
  • pomegranate and clementine

The above are all offered in glass bottles of 250 ml for the retail channel and 200 ml for the foodservice; also, the 100% pomegranate is offered in 500ml.

The line of HPP extracts range includes of the following flavours:

  • Pomegranate 100%
  • Clementina 100%
  • Orange 100% 
  • pomegranate, ginger and lemon,
  • pomegranate and goji
  • pomegranate and orange
  • pomegranate and clementine
  • pomegranate, orange and ginger

The above are all offered in glass bottles of 250 ml for the retail channel and 200 ml for the foodservice; also, the 100% pomegranate is offered in 500ml.

VARVELLO condiments

Varvello condiments

We would like to share with you our impressions regarding the condiments business for your reference. We believe this can help you to keep pace with the market trends and decrease the gaps between your current assortment and consumer new desires.

We surely can see a huge increase in organic and more healthy condiments starting from apple cider vinegar with mother; this is major trend within online retailers and Amazon suppliers, which are more and more looking for private label.

Another source of market growth at present is given from the recipe boxes which are increasingly looking for portioned sachet and luxury looking sachets.

Another area where we see increasing sales is the one of all-in-one dressing products already includes herbs, olive oil and others.

Another product range we would light to highlight is drinkable vinegar. Several studies show that LONG life expectancy could be achieved by drinking apple cider vinegar. Its antimicrobial and antioxidant effects could help lower blood sugar levels, aid weight loss and improve heart health.

From being a knight of consumer dishes vinegar is gradually becoming the undisputed star of fruit vinegar-based drinks, with the addition of super food ingredients such as ginger, mint, lemon and honey.

Varvello is one of the most flexible and innovative company within the condiment business. Naturali International LTD is proudly export manager of Varvello worldwide and our we are waiting for you at Anuga 2021 where our company is going to be exhibitor.



Fonte Margherita

Fonte Margherita

For a long time we have grown the conviction in accordance with our clients that with the modern technology which is today at our disposal FMCG, reasonable price, and respect for the environment need to convert and go to the same direction.

For this reason, after a lot of work, we would like to introduce you to the first Italian water factory and one of the only in the world which is completely plastic-free.

The range includes one of the first packaging worldwide which is fully recyclable and mostly made of sustainable sources.

These are the Fonte Margherita main values:

Fonte Margherita beverages are made just like they used to be with real fruit pulp, selected ingredients and no artificial sweeteners; they will remind you of the authentic products of our past. They are noble and with a balanced taste on the palate.


The sweetness is exalted in the mouth with no excess. Bold colors, enhanced by vibrant hues. Intense fragrances: artificial carbonation enhances its properties. Enjoy it pure to quench your thirst, recommended as an aperitif and for tasting local foods.


Fonte Margherita has two bottling plants on the slopes of the Piccole Dolomiti, located in Torrebelvicino and Valli del Pasubio. Both plants have a production capacity of 14,000 bottles/hour and have a saturator dosing the CO2, to offer three degrees of carbonation (natural, lightly sparkling and sparkling). The lines are flexible, producing various formats, from 20 to 100 cl, to meet consumer demands.