Mr. Burgy

According to our partner specialists the new breakthroughs into the developments of ‘vegan meat’ are a real gastronomic revolution.

For this reason, after more than a year of R&D, we have developed a vegan product which tries to imitate the features of meat burgers. The goal is to conquer omnivores and convert them, even if only partially, to more sustainable choices for the environment and health, pushing them to reduce the consumption of real meat.

Our partner Mr. Burgy has decided to offer its own vegetable alternative to meat, highlighting the ‘genuine craftsmanship’ of the production and overcoming the limits of other industrial products.

This Organic Plant based Burger presents reduced salt and fats and increased taste thanks to a mix of natural aromas; the improved texture is obtained by combining the softness of the pea with the structure of corn and potato starches.

The product is very suitable for grilling which enhances the crunchiness of the outside and the juiciness of the inside..


We believe Modena Funghi products are unique in taste, with the right balance of nutrients requested in today the market. Also, the established supply chain and production of the raw material makes the product sustainable and competitive at the same time.