Avesani Vegan

We happy to announce you that Avesani which is in top 10 filled pasta companies has just launched its new vegan range. 

We strongly believe that the range fills a gap in the market and give to consumer a very attractive product range. In fact, the new recipes don’t compromise on traditional flavours, but rather, enrich dishes with new nutritional, ecological, and ethical values. Also, the product is organic and and the packaging 100% recyclable.  


Avesani is IFS, BRC and Organic qualified and only works on quality products with 65 days shelf life as chilled or 12 months as frozen.

Over the years, the pasta factory has demonstrated successful innovation and modernisation, with the introduction in 2018 of new production lines with single pasteurisation, producing an even higher quality fresh product.




Mr. Burgy

According to our partner specialists the new breakthroughs into the developments of ‘vegan meat’ are a real gastronomic revolution.

For this reason, after more than a year of R&D, we have developed a vegan product which tries to imitate the features of meat burgers. The goal is to conquer omnivores and convert them, even if only partially, to more sustainable choices for the environment and health, pushing them to reduce the consumption of real meat.

Our partner Mr. Burgy has decided to offer its own vegetable alternative to meat, highlighting the ‘genuine craftsmanship’ of the production and overcoming the limits of other industrial products.

This Organic Plant based Burger presents reduced salt and fats and increased taste thanks to a mix of natural aromas; the improved texture is obtained by combining the softness of the pea with the structure of corn and potato starches.

The product is very suitable for grilling which enhances the crunchiness of the outside and the juiciness of the inside..


We believe Modena Funghi products are unique in taste, with the right balance of nutrients requested in today the market. Also, the established supply chain and production of the raw material makes the product sustainable and competitive at the same time.



The Global Vegan Cheese Market Size was valued at USD 2.15 billion in 2020 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of about 12.8% between 2020 and 2025

Consumers need to have tasty and environmentally respectful cheese with good nutritional profile.

On the other hand, the vegan cheese, which is currently more expensive than animal based, is less appealing to consumers in most markets and outright inaccessible in others.

We do believe we have managed to solve problem, presenting to our clients FERRETTI, THE PLANT BASED Cheese

Years of research and development allowed us to create Mamma Ferretti® products, packed not only with amazing taste, but also with a nutritional profile unlike any others.
Low in calories and saturated fat
Low in calories and saturated fat
Cholesterol and allergens free
No coconut oil
This makes the product range accessible all type of consumers and its affordable price really challenges for the first time the animal based cheeses.
For all these reason we are about to approach the market with Ferretti as a mainstream product.
We are thinking to the foodservice sector too where very often the choice to offer to customers vegan pizza or vegan pasta is often related to a higher expenditure on ingredients and this often drives restaurant owners away from a very substantial percentage of their potential customers.
With Ferretti this problem is solved not only because the products are more affordable than animal based ones, but also because the packs are smaller and the shelf life longer.


Naturali is more than happy to announce you that AgrEat, one of the most innovative food companies in the world has gone to organic and Vegan ready meals under the brand DIECI E L’ORTO.

As a company of the SeedFuture group, AgrEat has a deep knowledge of the world of organic agriculture to offer, right from the selection of suppliers and raw materials, the highest guarantee of food safety and quality. For the well-being of people. Respecting the well-being of the environment.

We strongly believe that DIECI E L’ORTO products fill a gap in the market and give to consumer a very attractive product range. The product line is completed by redesigned best traditional dishes of the Italian cuisine. The new recipes don’t compromise on traditional flavours, but rather, enrich dishes with new nutritional, ecological, and ethical values.


At Naturali we are very proud to be partner of DIECI E L’ORTO for its expansion worldwide as we share the same passion and we are sure that these are the right products at the right time.