We are supporting AIA business in the UK and quickly developing a distribution network for Wudy frankfurters, Pavo Halal, and Private Label with a contract already down the line! We are now looking at the multiple retail sector for more opportunities.

Consumers have changed and in a very short time, they continue to love tradition, but they are also open to greater experimentation, orienting own tastes towards new culinary horizons. Also, the Halal market is well accepted by a large number of distributors who see this as an opportunity to increase the market audience for their products.

In the UK during the 2020 we have noticed a significantly increased consumption of fiber (+ 2.3%) and protein (+ 1.7%), compared to a reduction in saturated fats (-0.8%) and of sugars.

After winning the trust of the consumers with the famous AIA chicken (third company in Europe) that has become synonymous of quality and safety, the company decided to launch a new line of products called Aequilibrium.

Main objective: to enter the market with a range of chicken and turkey derivatives dedicated to the world of wellbeing and of a healthy and balanced diet which is characterised by elements such as low or reduced fat content , or the choice of only natural ingredients and high protein content, ideal for those who practice sports.