Drinks companies are converging on an unusual cocktail recipe: less alcohol. In bars from London to New York, sales of “aperitifs” are growing rapidly as younger drinkers in particular opt for lower-alcohol concoctions over stronger traditional cocktail spirits like vodka.

Global sales volumes of spirit-based aperitifs – which are half the strength of regular spirits – rose 7.4% last year, while vodka fell 6%, brandy declined 1.3% and rum sales lost 0.8%.

As an example, drinking rates among British adults have plunged to their lowest in 18 years. The latest findings from Mintel’s Alcoholic Drinks Review show that 27% of Britons say they are drinking more low- or no-alcohol drinks compared to a few years ago. This rises to 42% of consumers aged 18-24 and 45% of consumers aged 25-34.

Particularly, the Spritz (a simple cocktail composed of bitter orange liquor, prosecco and soda over ice) is having a moment. Gruppo Campari, which is the market leader in this segment, reported a record double-digit growth +28.1% in this segment for 2018 with the UK growing by 56%.

The spritz, which was created in Venice in the 1950s, is more and more popular with Millennial drinkers and it easy to assume that the trend is going to be strong for the next years.

Most of these lower-strength spirits have their roots in Italy at Naturali Food we have been observing this trend for some time selecting a reliable partner in this segment.

The Vallebelbo winery is an Agricultural Cooperative, founded in 1956, which collects and vinifies the grapes produced by the 160 associated growers, who own about 500 hectares of beautiful vineyards located in the heart of the Langhe hills, recently named as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

We have noticed how Garrone, which is Vallebelbo premium range of spirits and Liqueurs, presents a complete offer of aperitifs, bitters and vermouths apart from including the best selling Italian and international spirits.


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