We are pleased to announce that our company has recently entered into the truffle business.

In fact, several chefs from the fine dining restaurants are increasingly using truffles in their dishes. In addition, factors including the increasing demand for healthy and nutritious meals in menus and rising demand for gluten-free food will boost the truffles market growth in the forthcoming years.

In addition, with changing preferences, consumers are increasingly willing to explore innovative customised condiments which are easy and quick to use at home and we believe that truffle based products are going to have substantial growth in this sector.

For these reason we have decided to support our partners effort into developing ready to eat pasta sauces in addition to the classic truffle based products.


Olive oil news

olive oil news

Olive oil prices are expected to rise.

Experts believe that steadily rising global consumption of olive oil paired with a decrease in production in main countries-producers of olive oil (Spain, Tunisia and Turkey) will cause prices to rise.

Olive oil news

It is estimated that global olive oil production will reach 3.03 million tons in the 2020/21 crop year, marking a third consecutive year of decline. Along with declining production, it is predicted that global olive oil consumption will continue to grow between two and four percent.

Olive oil news

Among the countries expected to take the biggest hits are Turkey and Tunisia, both og which are coming off near-record harvests and combine for more that one-quarter of global olive oil exports.

The olive oil harvest in Spain was initially expected to be larger, but poor weather months have dried up these prospects: very dry autumn and winter, spring rains and heat waver at the beginning of the summer have caused poorer results of production in 2020 than targeted initially.

olive oil production

Additionally, the combination of falling olive oil stocks and steadily rising consumption will put a dent in the global glut of olive oil and as a result cause prices to rise.


Varvello Vinegars

varvello Monovitigni

We would like to present to you Varvello – one of the biggest producer of vinegars in Italy. Born from great wines, that only Piedmont can offer, Varvello vinegar has cultivated and refined its nobility since 1921. Thanks to the passion, and investment into new technologies – a company has been renewed over time and always finds a way to make clients happy with the quality of their products.

Nowadays annual production of the company is about 15 million bottles and 10 million litters of industrial. Manufactory has a wide range of products and different lines well known all over the world.

By clicking on the link below you will have a possibility to see the production process.

Varvello specifically dedicated to high cuisine and the new trends in international cuisine, which include: Aged Red Wine Vinegar in barrique (produced exclusively from Piedmont wines), Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI, dressing with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena – condiments based on Vinegar and Glaze.

Also, we invite you to discover a special line – Monovitigni.

These vinegars personally discover the art of viticulture and vinification, the traditions closely linked to the wine-growing regions of the “Bel Paese” (“Beautiful Country”), by selecting the most suitable wines for its vinegar production. From Varvello’s native region VermouthBarolo and Barbarescofrom the Veneto regiona lively Prosecco wine and, from sunny Sicilythe Pinot Grigio, aging for three long years before showing up at our table. The result? A vinegar with a surprising flavour and a unique colour.

Varvello also created a new special format of a product for HoReCa industry. Nowadays, it’s the best choice for serving! For more information, contact our managers.

You should notice, that Varvello deals with a large-scale of distribution not only in Italy and Europe, but also in America, China and Japan. Many clients are choosing Varvello vinegars for their private labels.The absolute quality, the production capacity and the variety of the range are the fundamental factors which allowed Varvello to become a partner of the big names in the industry and organized distribution.

Cirio Olive Oils and Vinegars

Cirio olive oil
About the 11% of British consumers choose CIRIO. Promotional activities in the last 2 years have been quite intense in the British market, starting with TV commercials and followed by press and social media campaigns.
Cirio is a historic brand of the Italian food industry and is owned by Pietro Coricelli which holds its perpetual use license for olive oil and vinegars since 2007.


It is a traditional brand, especially familiar to the most SENIOR target groups: occupies the mainstream segment of the simplest DAILY SEASONING, easy to use for a variety of home cooking needs.

Thanks to the historicity of its brand, it is ideal for interpreting the trend of easy-cooking without getting confused in the magnum sea of the indistinct commodity.

Pietro Coricelli is one of the biggest olive oil group in the world with production facilities in Italy and Spain. During its export history in more than 110 countries it has DEVELOPED A GREAT FLEXIBILITY TO ADAPT TO THE NEEDS of each country and therefore to every need in general, providing the ideal product in terms of taste, regulatory compliance and logistics.

This ability to adapt to different needs makes Pietro Coricelli STRONG ALSO IN PARTNERSHIPS who see him as a supplier of own-brand products FOR LARGE DISTRIBUTION CHAINS in Europe and IN THE WORLD.

The modern crushing systems (60 tons crushed olives/ day) and latest generation centrifugal extractors (Decanter) united to METICULOUS CONTROL OF RAW MATERIALS AT THE ENTRY AND BEFORE WORKING makes the group leader in innovation.

Expanding the business with the brands Cirio and Pietro Coricelli

Pietro Coricelli

Pietro Coricelli extra virgin olive oil debuted on Italian tables in 1939, in Spoleto, in the heart of Umbria.

Today, Pietro Coricelli is one of the main oil producers in Europe, and it exports to more than 110 Countries in the world, making it one of the most distributed Italian brands worldwide. Since 2006 olive oil and vinegars under the CIRIO brand have been part of Pietro Coricelli.

Also, the group owns the Abasa Olive Oils which is the result of a selection of the best olive oils obtained from olives harvested in the hot and sunny land of Spain.

At Naturali International we have worked very hard in the last years helping this fantastic group to enter in the United Kingdom market and to expand their existing business in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Kazakistan and in the Baltic Region. Also, the response from Indian clients working with us from our office in Mumbai has been so far very positive.

From today we are proud to announce the extension of our existing  cooperation to other countries in western Europe, South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.