Donelli wine in cans

Somewhere between the boxed wine of your college days and fancy bottles packed away in neat gift bags lies canned wine. The increasingly trendy format is easy to carry, usually low-budget, and makes for the perfect party contribution. From reds to whites to rosés.

The category is no longer just a fad, as young consumers increasingly set aside the stemware and crack open cans of wine. The below numbers from Nielsen US are very similar to the ones we see in the rest of the world:

Our partner Donelli, which is the first Italian producer creating a Tetra Pak wine packaging more than 20 years ago, is now one the world market leader in the production of canned wines. There is a special offer of € 0.48 ex-factory for the 3 products line shown below and we would be happy to be in touch for the shipment of samples for your consideration.

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