Avesani Vegan

We happy to announce you that Avesani which is in top 10 filled pasta companies has just launched its new vegan range. 

We strongly believe that the range fills a gap in the market and give to consumer a very attractive product range. In fact, the new recipes don’t compromise on traditional flavours, but rather, enrich dishes with new nutritional, ecological, and ethical values. Also, the product is organic and and the packaging 100% recyclable.  


Avesani is IFS, BRC and Organic qualified and only works on quality products with 65 days shelf life as chilled or 12 months as frozen.

Over the years, the pasta factory has demonstrated successful innovation and modernisation, with the introduction in 2018 of new production lines with single pasteurisation, producing an even higher quality fresh product.




Wine News

September is the month of the harvest, so this newsletter could only focus on this truly magical event, which has been handed down from generation to generation, century after century.

This Harvest Special Edition is only a first part, in which we want to offer you the main information and numbers from all over Italy. The next one will exclusively concern the harvest of our wineries, which are still in the middle of this season.


A negative sign for the Italian harvest of 2021, at 44.5 million hectolitres, but the quality of the grapes is judged on average good, with peaks of excellence. Despite the adverse climatic conditions (spring frosts, summer drought), Italy confirms its leadership at European and world level, ahead of Spain (39 mln/hl with -16%) and France (34.2 mln/hl with -24%).

In Italy, the situation is quite varied: a decline of 12% in the North and Center, while the South registers a -5% with Sicily, Campania and Calabria recording growth.




The estimated production is 2.43 mln/hl, thus marking a decrease of 10%.  At the beginning of September the harvest of Moscato and Brachetto began,followed by ArneisDolcetto and Barbera. In the next few days it will be the time of Nebbiolo. There are excellent premises for  great quality, by virtue of the moderate quantity.


The estimated production is 1.23 mln/hl, for a -20%. The harvest began around August 15th in Franciacorta and Oltrepò Pavese, where a decrease of even 25% is expected. Lugana and Valtenesi were less affected by adverse weather conditions (-10%). Quality is expected to be excellent everywhere, except in areas affected by hail.

Veneto consolidates its italian productivity record, with almost 11 mln/hl (-7%). For Glera the number of bunches reflects the average; less encouraging data for Pinot GrigioChardonnay has a good vegetative and productive state, as does GarganegaValpolicella grapes confirm a good general conditions.

Overall production is down compared to last year due to the lower average weight of the bunches. It is estimated 1.17 mln/hl, for a decrease of 10%. The varieties most affected by the decline in production are ChardonnayMerlot and Pinot Grigio. The average quality is excellent, in particular the autochthonous red grapes and the semi-aromatic whites.

Current conditions and weather suggest a complex and difficult to read harvest. There will be some areas that will be able to finish the ripening process, while others will have a postponed harvest. For various factors, a highly concentrated harvest is expected, more suited to the production of reds1.65 mln/hl is estimated, with a 25% decrease.

The estimated production is 2.88 mln/hl, for a decrease of 18%. The vines are in excellent condition, albeit with small grape sizes, especially for the white ones. The harvest began in mid-August for the early varieties; now it is time for red berried varieties. An interesting vintage is assumed for red wines, while
whites will lack freshness.

Campania is one of the few regions to register a plus (+5%), with an estimated production of 751,000 hl. The climatic conditions, in fact, have allowed a management of the vineyards without particular problems. In general, at the moment, very good quality of the grapes is expected.

It is the second region in terms of production, after Veneto; it is estimated that approximately 8.55 mln/hl will be produced. Overall, production is expected to drop by 5% compared to the last harvest and a really good year from a health and quality point of view of the grapes. A slightly higher production is expected for Primitivo.

The estimated production is almost 4 million/hl, for a growth of 9%. The harvest began a week in advance, at the end of July for the sparkling wine base grapes. In August the harvest of Nero d’AvolaSyrahGrillo and Zibibbo   began at the beginning of September. Good quality and aromatic curve.

The Vermentino harvest began around mid-August, followed by the grapes used for the rosé wines. From mid-September it was time for Carignano, while now it is time for Cannonau. All the grapes show excellent quality, with a good acid/sugar balance and good aromatic intensity. The estimated production is 404,000 hl, for a decrease of 15%.
Naturali International LTD is a team of export managers for Italian food producers worldwide. Each component of the team has specific knowledge regarding the countries in which they operate locally making sure to adapt and comply to regional requirements.

Anuga 2021

Naturali team would be really happy to invite you to Anuga, the world’s largest trade fair for food and beverages

From 9th – 13th October 2021, Anuga invites exhibitors and trade visitors from all over the world to discover 10 trade shows and 11 trend themes as well as numerous events and congresses.

Anuga 2021 has a lot to offer: You can look forward to global trends, renowned exhibitors, groundbreaking trade shows and much more at the world’s leading trade fair of the food and beverage industry in Cologne.

More than 7,400 exhibitors from all over the world present their products and solutions to top-class trade visitors.

At our stand you can find Galbusera which is the Italian market leader for healthy biscuits and crackers.
Also, we are leader in Europe for Private Label and out brand for indulgence is Tre Marie and with same brand we do Panettone, pandoro and cakes for festivities.

Our partner for the famous Baci di Dama and Amaretti Morbidi is Rippa which is the Italian market leader in artisanal biscuits.

For the first time the leading industry get-together is additionally being enhanced by the new digital format, Anuga @home, from 11.-13.10.2021. Wherever you operate worldwide – we are offering you the opportunity to be part of the hybrid edition of Anuga – whether on-site in Cologne or in digital form.

Naturali International LTD is a team of export managers for Italian food producers worldwide. Each component of the team has specific knowledge regarding the countries in which they operate locally making sure to adapt and comply to regional requirements.


Nearly all commodity prices rose in the first quarter of the year, and most are now above pre-pandemic levels.  The gains have been driven by the recovery in global economic activity, as well as some specific supply factors, particularly for oil, copper, and some food commodities.

Specifically, below we want to show how these increases are affecting a can of tuna:

In addition, prices to ship containers from Asia to the U.S. and Europe are rising at a historic pace as cargo owners bid up rates in a search for ocean transportation capacity that shipping industry executives expect to remain tight for the rest of the year.

Also, the Maremi range as been enriched with the new peas and beans salads to move the Airone range competitive in comparison to the Italian market leaders.

Mr. Burgy

According to our partner specialists the new breakthroughs into the developments of ‘vegan meat’ are a real gastronomic revolution.

For this reason, after more than a year of R&D, we have developed a vegan product which tries to imitate the features of meat burgers. The goal is to conquer omnivores and convert them, even if only partially, to more sustainable choices for the environment and health, pushing them to reduce the consumption of real meat.

Our partner Mr. Burgy has decided to offer its own vegetable alternative to meat, highlighting the ‘genuine craftsmanship’ of the production and overcoming the limits of other industrial products.

This Organic Plant based Burger presents reduced salt and fats and increased taste thanks to a mix of natural aromas; the improved texture is obtained by combining the softness of the pea with the structure of corn and potato starches.

The product is very suitable for grilling which enhances the crunchiness of the outside and the juiciness of the inside..


We believe Modena Funghi products are unique in taste, with the right balance of nutrients requested in today the market. Also, the established supply chain and production of the raw material makes the product sustainable and competitive at the same time.