It’s time to think about one of the most important period of the year for many markets: Christmas! We would like to announce Collezioni Casella is ready with Christmas hampers catalogue

Since the 80s Casella is the renowned company of gift packaging industry, able to pack with care and passion of great quality food gifts.

The company is well recognised in the industry for its capability to adapt to different market circumstances across the world both with the Casella brand and Private Label

Year after year, Casella SpA offers unique solutions and high-impact, becoming the best point of reference for those who want to purchase corporate gifts and prefer, at discounted Christmas presents, wanted Christmas gifts, which stand for quality and originality.



Palmisano brings the heritage of Venice traditional sweets to the 21st century and our company is export manager for Palmisano worldwide.

Before the lockdown period the products used to be present in all the major touristic centres near Venice and our task now is to bring these unique products to the ones who love the city and the Venetian specialities around the world.
Palmisano is offering a great range of traditional delicious cakes and biscuits, typical from the island of Burano, Venice.
Download a Full Catalogue of Palmisano products available

                          Luxury PALMISANO line!

We can make your own personalised cover – MOQ 1 Pallet


We can make your own personalised cover – MOQ 1 Pallet


Zero grano

The changing consumer demand for snacks is changing the way the snack food and health food industries are formulating their products.

People in developed countries are increasingly looking for:

  • Source of Fibres
  • No Added Sugar
  • Reduced Fat
  • Gluten-Free
  • Source of Protein

With this in mind we would like to introduce to the Galbusera counter products for convenience stores and coffee shops:

Gluten intolerants don’t need to give up taste with the ZeroGrano line. The perfect combination between taste and gluten-lactose-free ingredients.

Riso su Riso is a rice based combination of lightness and taste: the perfect recipe for a healthy and modern diet.

Sometimes we forget the goodness of simple things: for this reason we have created the BuoniCosì line. No added sugar shortbreads, wafers and yeast-free crackers, made with simple and quality ingredients.

The BelleBuone line combines the goodness of red berries, figs and hazelnuts with the benefits of seeds. Enjoy them any time of the day.

The Ricchidifibre line is created by the combination of taste and goodness of the fibres. Crackers and shortbreads with wheat flours perfect for the daily well-being.

Tre Marie EASTER 2021

Naturali team would be really happy to introduce you Galbusera Easter catalogue 2021. 


In 1150, the members of a religious order called Le Quattro Marie used to give the poors a copper coin to exchange for flour and bread at their Bakery in Largo Corsia dei Servi (now Corso Vittorio Emanuele II). When the icon of Virgin Mary was moved from the sign outside the confraternity’s Bakery to a fresco inside the building, the Marias became three. On the other hand, the “loss” was then generously paid by the Bakery: the leavened bread was enriched by adding dried fruit, eggs and sugar, so turning into something unique in the world. This special candied fruit bread became over the time part of Milanese holiday tradition, the Panettone.

In 5 Years, Tre Marie has brought 40% of value to the Easter Market, thanks to a high quality of ingredients and to a strongly recognized position by consumers.


A new surprising recipe, with a delicious lime cream in the soft dough. The finishing touch is the covering of white chocolate with caramel and pieces of crunchy caramelized almonds

A new and simple recipe with the highest-quality ingredients. One of its secrets is the absolute excellence of the butter: 100% French, AOP Charentes-Poitou which was the first butter to gain the French AOP certification




Menz & Gasser

We want to introduce to you Menz&Gasser, specializes in producing and packaging jams, marmalades and honeys in various formats as well as fruit preparations for cakes and pastries.

Menz & Gasser has been producing jams and marmalades in single portions and buckets for the hotel, restaurant and catering (Ho.Re.Ca.) sector for over 80 years. We make spreads and jams with up to 100% fruit in glass jars and cartons of 4 or more mono-portions for supermarkets.

Menz & Gasser produces jams, marmalades and fruit preserves in a range of flavours bursting with fruit goodness, in convenient glass jars of various sizes, from family-size jars of extra jam to extra jams and marmalades with 50% fruit and spreads with 100% fruit ingredients.

And for something truly sumptuous, we have Nocciolino: an unmistakably soft and delicious cocoa and hazelnut spread (with no less than 13% Italian hazelnuts).

The high quality of Menz & Gasser products begins with the finest raw materials from selected suppliers that must meet our strict quality, safety and reliability requirements. Our accurate traceability system gives us constant control over the supply chain, and our numerous product and process certifications encapsulate our commitment to ensuring the highest quality standards for our customers.