Avesani daily produces 50 tonnes per day of filled pasta and founded in 1951 is one of the top 10 tortellini companies

Avesani is IFS, BRC and Organic qualified and only works on quality products with 65 days shelf life as chilled or 12 months as frozen

The dough is made without water as we believe that it downgrades the quality of the product. There are 9 families of filled pasta and below we are happy to introduce you to the fast selling ones:

BiovegFor all lovers of natural food, a totally vegetarian and organic filled pasta…

I gran ripieni Gold

For lovers of filled pasta…

… a Gourmet line of special recipes and delicious fillings to satisfy every palate.

I Classici Avesani

From the tradition of Verona, a line of filled pasta…

…that revives the recipes of the past and adds new, delicious fillings

More than 65 years have passed and Pastificio Avesani is still led by people with this same passion, working hard every day to bring the finest fresh pasta, and more, to Italian tables.

Over the years, the pasta factory has demonstrated successful innovation and modernisation, with the introduction in 2018 of new production lines with single pasteurisation, producing an even higher quality fresh product.






We are supporting AIA business in the UK and quickly developing a distribution network for Wudy frankfurters, Pavo Halal, and Private Label with a contract already down the line! We are now looking at the multiple retail sector for more opportunities.

Consumers have changed and in a very short time, they continue to love tradition, but they are also open to greater experimentation, orienting own tastes towards new culinary horizons. Also, the Halal market is well accepted by a large number of distributors who see this as an opportunity to increase the market audience for their products.

In the UK during the 2020 we have noticed a significantly increased consumption of fiber (+ 2.3%) and protein (+ 1.7%), compared to a reduction in saturated fats (-0.8%) and of sugars.

After winning the trust of the consumers with the famous AIA chicken (third company in Europe) that has become synonymous of quality and safety, the company decided to launch a new line of products called Aequilibrium.

Main objective: to enter the market with a range of chicken and turkey derivatives dedicated to the world of wellbeing and of a healthy and balanced diet which is characterised by elements such as low or reduced fat content , or the choice of only natural ingredients and high protein content, ideal for those who practice sports.



Palmisano brings the heritage of Venice traditional sweets to the 21st century and our company is export manager for Palmisano worldwide.

Before the lockdown period the products used to be present in all the major touristic centres near Venice and our task now is to bring these unique products to the ones who love the city and the Venetian specialities around the world.
Palmisano is offering a great range of traditional delicious cakes and biscuits, typical from the island of Burano, Venice.
Download a Full Catalogue of Palmisano products available

We can make your own personalised cover – MOQ 1 Pallet



We can make your own personalised cover – MOQ 1 Pallet

Palmisano is going to be our partner at Anuga 2021 offering a great range of traditional delicious cakes and biscuits, we do hope that the situation is going to improve and we look forward to meet you there.


It’s time to think about one of the most important period of the year for many markets: Christmas! We would like to announce Collezioni Casella is ready with Christmas hampers catalogue

Since the 80s Casella is the renowned company of gift packaging industry, able to pack with care and passion of great quality food gifts.

The company is well recognised in the industry for its capability to adapt to different market circumstances across the world both with the Casella brand and Private Label

Year after year, Casella SpA offers unique solutions and high-impact, becoming the best point of reference for those who want to purchase corporate gifts and prefer, at discounted Christmas presents, wanted Christmas gifts, which stand for quality and originality.


We would like to introduce you to Artigiana Sud which is one the first Italian producer of veggie pickles (Mushrooms , Artichokes , Eggplants , Neapolitan broccoli (friarielli), Roasted Peppers and marinated seafood such as Anchovies, Salmon and Octopus. 

Thanks to innovative technology and scrupulous packaging techniques, the company has managed to keep the ingredients fresh and unaltered, to guarantee quality and safety to the consumer.

The great flexibility has allowed the company to become partner of some of the European market leaders in this sector which have selected Artigiana Sud for their private label