Rovelli – Italian chocolate

We are happy to announce a new partnership with Dolciaria Rovelli, a company with a real passion for chocolate.

It all began back in the 60’s when Antonio Rovelli, a pastry chef started to produce his first line of chocolate products with cherry and liqueur filling. Step by step, a small workshop turned into an industrial factory with an automated machines, skilled work force and a wide range of 100% Italian chocolate products

Rovelli is proud to use only high quality and authentical 100% Italian ingredients for all of their products. Extraordinary price and quality comparison, as well as constant innovation to produce wider product range to suit all customers around the world, is Rovelli’s mission and philosophy.

Rovelli is happy to introduce a New catalogue for Easter 2020.
*Products for Easter are available only from January to April.



A wide range of Rovelli products are also available throughout the year and are suitable for any occasion or an everyday treat.
Please have a look at Rovelli catalogue !


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