Carnaroli is well known as the ‘king’ or the ‘caviar’ of Italian rices and it is the preferred risotto rice by all experts. It’s said to produce the creamiest risotto, yet it’s more resistant to overcooking than arborio.

Few years ago our partner Meracinque has decided to create the best ‘Carnaroli Classico’ ever with 100% Carnaroli seeds and not sub-varieties.

The geo-physical characteristics and the micro natural method allow the preservation of the good health of the plant by keeping healthy the environment of the rice field with micronised rock powder and natural microorganisms.

Respecting the soil also means using new technologies, such as soil mapping. This technique allows to know the characteristics of each single plot and to intervene in a targeted way. We study, analyse and customize every single step by understanding the needs of the different areas.

The rice is dried at a low temperature to avoid fracturing of the grains and aged for one year. The fuel used is LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) to avoid traces of hydrocarbons on the product and limit CO2 emissions

Once aged, the rice is packaged with the latest generation machinery in a controlled atmosphere, a method that allows the organoleptic properties of the product to be preserved in the best possible way