TUTTO GUSTO is an authentic quality pizza from the Italian tradition!

Thanks to the experience of Italian master pizza makers the Frigovicenza team has developed a mix of flours and ingredients for a dough which is able to withstand rigid storage temperatures.

The result is a frozen pizza which maintains taste, aroma and genuineness as ‘just baked’.

In addition to the special mix of flours used, the product is characterised by the long leavening of the dough which gives the finished pizzas and facaccias a high digestibility.

The product is artisanal as every single pizza or focaccia is stretched by hand and is filled with well-selected and top quality ingredients.

The company has opted for essential packaging as the product is vacuum-packed in transparent plastic bags to allow the final consumer to see with their own eyes the craftsmanship of the product that a cardboard box would hide; other packagings are available on request.

Frigovicenza was founded in 2006 north-eastern Italy and the founding partners have over 35 yeas of experience in cold chain management .

The company owns automated cold rooms with compactable shelving and multiple shelves that guarantee the integrity of the packages; the storage capability is about 20,000 pallets.

The process of loading and unloading takes place in air-conditioned rooms that guarantee the integrity of the goods and ensure the continuity of the cold chain.