TUTTO GUSTO is an authentic quality pizza from the Italian tradition!

Thanks to the experience of Italian master pizza makers the Frigovicenza team has developed a mix of flours and ingredients for a dough which is able to withstand rigid storage temperatures.

The result is a frozen pizza which maintains taste, aroma and genuineness as ‘just baked’.

In addition to the special mix of flours used, the product is characterised by the long leavening of the dough which gives the finished pizzas and facaccias a high digestibility.

The product is artisanal as every single pizza or focaccia is stretched by hand and is filled with well-selected and top quality ingredients.

The company has opted for essential packaging as the product is vacuum-packed in transparent plastic bags to allow the final consumer to see with their own eyes the craftsmanship of the product that a cardboard box would hide; other packagings are available on request.

Frigovicenza was founded in 2006 north-eastern Italy and the founding partners have over 35 yeas of experience in cold chain management .

The company owns automated cold rooms with compactable shelving and multiple shelves that guarantee the integrity of the packages; the storage capability is about 20,000 pallets.

The process of loading and unloading takes place in air-conditioned rooms that guarantee the integrity of the goods and ensure the continuity of the cold chain.





Garbo the market leader in frozen ready meals

We are happy to introduce you a Garbo the market leader in frozen ready meals! We are pleased to announce that, also this year and despite the difficult situation linked to the market disruption, the Garbo company is reconfirmed among the top Italian players in the category of battered and breaded frozen products, both in terms of volume and value, packaged for retail and foodservice channels. We have decided to support the company in its worldwide expansion both in the retail and foodservice sectors.

Garbo boasts the excellence of its products, thanks to care and meticulousness in the selection of raw materials. Garbo, in fact, guarantees the best suppliers from agricultural producers and companies that guarantee a high quality standard recognised all over Europe. In fact Garbo imports the finest dried salted cod from Norway. The surrounding countryside restocks the production plants on a daily basis with fresh products, such as courgette flowers from the red lands of the Agro Pontino area and fresh vegetables, ready to be immediately processed. Natural goodness locally sourced.


Naturali is more than happy to announce you that AgrEat, one of the most innovative food companies in the world has gone to organic and Vegan ready meals under the brand DIECI E L’ORTO.

As a company of the SeedFuture group, AgrEat has a deep knowledge of the world of organic agriculture to offer, right from the selection of suppliers and raw materials, the highest guarantee of food safety and quality. For the well-being of people. Respecting the well-being of the environment.

We strongly believe that DIECI E L’ORTO products fill a gap in the market and give to consumer a very attractive product range. The product line is completed by redesigned best traditional dishes of the Italian cuisine. The new recipes don’t compromise on traditional flavours, but rather, enrich dishes with new nutritional, ecological, and ethical values.

At Naturali we are very proud to be partner of DIECI E L’ORTO for its expansion worldwide as we share the same passion and we are sure that these are the right products at the right time.


Mushroom Based Burgers

Naturali International is now taking care of the Modena Funghi export worldwide.

Since 2017 Modena Funghi has developed mushroom based burgers, creating products with one of lowest content of calories in the market (between 79 and 192 Kcal per 100gr); this without compromising in taste and quality of nutrients.

The Modena Funghi project comes form a family business which is manufacturing & importing Mushrooms from 1977.

The company processes and packs more than 1,500 tons of mushrooms and distribute them directly to supermarket chains.

The products are available frozen and chilled and both conventional and organic; also we are working onPL projects in Europe and Northern America.

We believe Modena Funghi products are unique in taste, with the right balance of nutrients requested in today the market. Also, the established supply chain and production of the raw material makes the product sustainable and competitive at the same time.