World of coffee with Caffe’ Motta

Caffè Motta is our international partner for coffee and it ranks among the top 10 in the Italian coffee sector in the Italian retail distribution.

The company has recently sponsored a piece of research regarding the world of coffee which provides some knowledge and numbers for the professionals  operating in this industry. We are glad to share with you this information with you (Click here).

Caffè Motta uniqueness comes from particular methods of roasting, blending, grinding, pressing and packaging which are optimised thanks to high-tech systems with computer based highly automated production lines, with the aim to fully preserve the composition and the natural character of coffee.

From a commercial perspective the main point regards the packaging which has recently been reviewed using colour as an element of distinctiveness and recognisability which includes the touch.

For 2019 the company has a 20% taggert growth and Manuel Lucchetti, which has spent more that 10 years covering key roles in Ferrero and Unilever, has joined the company as new CCO to help Caffe Motta internationalisation.

A new production facility has been finalised at the beginning of the year and this is going to allow an additional production capability of about 50 million (EUR).