Frigovicenza Ice Cream

TUTTO GUSTO is an authentic quality gelato from the Italian tradition!

You can find it in different flavours:

coffee – chocolate – coconut – milk cream – strawberry – bush berries – lemon – liquorice mint chok – hazelnut – pistachio – stracciatella – yogurt

Some examples of two-flavour packaging:

  • milk cream / coffee
  • milk cream / chocolate
  • lemon / strawberry
  • liquorice/ mint chok
  • yogurt / berries

Along with gelato, sorbetto is the classic Italian frozen dessert. And perhaps the most basic. Sorbetto di limone is essentially frozen lemonade: Simple syrup is made by simmering sugar and water together, to which lemon zest is added and allowed to infuse its flavour.

When this flavoured syrup cools completely, it is mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice and chilled in your ice cream maker until frozen but still quite soft.

Frigovicenza was founded in 2006 in north-eastern Italy and the founding partners have over 35 years of experience in cold chain management.

The company owns automated cold rooms with compactable shelving and multiple shelves that guarantee the integrity of the packages; the storage capability is about 20,000 pallets.

The process of loading and unloading takes place in air-conditioned rooms that guarantee the integrity of the goods and ensure the continuity of the cold chain.