VARVELLO condiments

We would like to share with you our impressions regarding the condiments business for your reference. We believe this can help you to keep pace with the market trends and decrease the gaps between your current assortment and consumer new desires.

We surely can see a huge increase in organic and more healthy condiments starting from apple cider vinegar with mother; this is major trend within online retailers and Amazon suppliers, which are more and more looking for private label.

Another source of market growth at present is given from the recipe boxes which are increasingly looking for portioned sachet and luxury looking sachets.

Another area where we see increasing sales is the one of all-in-one dressing products already includes herbs, olive oil and others.

Another product range we would light to highlight is drinkable vinegar. Several studies show that LONG life expectancy could be achieved by drinking apple cider vinegar. Its antimicrobial and antioxidant effects could help lower blood sugar levels, aid weight loss and improve heart health.

From being a knight of consumer dishes vinegar is gradually becoming the undisputed star of fruit vinegar-based drinks, with the addition of super food ingredients such as ginger, mint, lemon and honey.

Varvello is one of the most flexible and innovative company within the condiment business. Naturali International LTD is proudly export manager of Varvello worldwide and our we are waiting for you at Anuga 2021 where our company is going to be exhibitor.