We want to introduce to you Menz&Gasser, specializes in producing and packaging jams, marmalades and honeys in various formats as well as fruit preparations for cakes and pastries.

Menz & Gasser has been producing jams and marmalades in single portions and buckets for the hotel, restaurant and catering (Ho.Re.Ca.) sector for over 80 years. We make spreads and jams with up to 100% fruit in glass jars and cartons of 4 or more mono-portions for supermarkets.

Menz & Gasser produces jams, marmalades and fruit preserves in a range of flavours bursting with fruit goodness, in convenient glass jars of various sizes, from family-size jars of extra jam to extra jams and marmalades with 50% fruit and spreads with 100% fruit ingredients.

And for something truly sumptuous, we have Nocciolino: an unmistakably soft and delicious cocoa and hazelnut spread (with no less than 13% Italian hazelnuts).

The high quality of Menz & Gasser products begins with the finest raw materials from selected suppliers that must meet our strict quality, safety and reliability requirements. Our accurate traceability system gives us constant control over the supply chain, and our numerous product and process certifications encapsulate our commitment to ensuring the highest quality standards for our customers.

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