Cirio Olive Oils and Vinegars

About the 11% of British consumers choose CIRIO. Promotional activities in the last 2 years have been quite intense in the British market, starting with TV commercials and followed by press and social media campaigns.
Cirio is a historic brand of the Italian food industry and is owned by Pietro Coricelli which holds its perpetual use license for olive oil and vinegars since 2007.

It is a traditional brand, especially familiar to the most SENIOR target groups: occupies the mainstream segment of the simplest DAILY SEASONING, easy to use for a variety of home cooking needs.

Thanks to the historicity of its brand, it is ideal for interpreting the trend of easy-cooking without getting confused in the magnum sea of the indistinct commodity.

Pietro Coricelli is one of the biggest olive oil group in the world with production facilities in Italy and Spain. During its export history in more than 110 countries it has DEVELOPED A GREAT FLEXIBILITY TO ADAPT TO THE NEEDS of each country and therefore to every need in general, providing the ideal product in terms of taste, regulatory compliance and logistics.

This ability to adapt to different needs makes Pietro Coricelli STRONG ALSO IN PARTNERSHIPS who see him as a supplier of own-brand products FOR LARGE DISTRIBUTION CHAINS in Europe and IN THE WORLD.

The modern crushing systems (60 tons crushed olives/ day) and latest generation centrifugal extractors (Decanter) united to METICULOUS CONTROL OF RAW MATERIALS AT THE ENTRY AND BEFORE WORKING makes the group leader in innovation.

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