Castello di Cigognola

Castello di Cigognola is a 12th Century castle, with 33 hectares of vines on steep slopes. They have some excellent terroir and perfect micro-climate for Barbera, which is their primary grape. They aim to produce high quality, authentic wines that represent the best of the region.

Barberasso 2018 from which is a new wine that was born after having experimented with cutting the shoot in the vineyard.

This an ancient technique that allows to make an appassimento while keeping the bunch on the plant, therefore still under the sun’s rays. Grapes increase its concentration and continue to develop substances in the peel that increase the aroma.

With Barbera 100% the sweetness is combined with the natural Barbera acidity, with part of the fermentation which is made in whole bunches. The result is this new wine where fruit and acidity are counterbalanced with a light soft note of ripe fruit. Half of the wine ages for 10 months in 600 litres tonneaux. The wine has about 7.5 grams of natural sugar residue due to the raisin fruit which make it softer.

With BARBERA Provincia di Pavia IGT the smell is predominated from notes of wild strawberries and red fruits whilst the soft taste is revived by the acid vibration of Barbera, leaving in the mouth that intensity which is expected from its intense color.

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