Cappuccino Lovers

According to our research people drinking vegan cappuccinos are not happy about the taste and the consistency of the foam.
After 3 years of R&D Centrale del Latte d’Italia, which is one of the biggest producer of vegetable milk substitutes (about €200 million turnover) has created – Cappuccino Lovers, which is a patented product .
Centrale del Latte d’Italia is leader in Piedmont, Liguria, Veneto and Tuscany for the production and distribution of milk, cream, fresh and very fresh products.
The Cappuccino Lovers items are reserved for the Food Service, therefore they ensure the exclusivity of a performing product for professionals. The brand is visible and identifiable from afar and is synonymous with quality and performance.
Naturali takes care of developing awareness of Italian FMCG producers in Europe. Each member of the team has specific knowledge regarding the country in which they operate making sure to adapt and comply to regional requirements. Naturali team includes German, Ukrainian, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and English speakers. If this is something of interest, please get in touch.

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