Welcome Emmegi!

Dear partner,
following the requests coming from some of our best clients and after a very accurate market research Naturali team has agreed to enter into the home and fabric care market. 

Emmegi is our partner in this field and it is the Italian detergent market leader which produces for over 50 years products of house cleaning, oral care, cosmetics and personal hygiene with their own brands, private labels and contract manufacturing for the main multinationals.


Beautiful & accessible, practical & effective, innovative & multi -purpose, aware of the latest fragrances, Emmegi’s brands represent the “smart choice” of the market. Careful in respecting the promised quality and values, trademarks of the company, they are its emblem, representing it in all market segments. This is some example (click for more):


Thanks to its uniqueness as producer of brands well know both nationally & internationally, Emmegi is capable of giving access to private labels to a huge heritage of know-how and solutions otherwise not easy to source. Thanks to the wide range of products Emmegi has the chance to be a strategic partner in the distribution, guaranteeing competitive conditions.


Emmegi has created a specific research and development laboratory within the company and they have formed successful collaborations with the most important Italian Universities and Research Centers with the aim of creating an incubator of young talents technically and ethically able to invent more effective and sustainable product.


Naturali takes care of developing awareness of Italian FMCG producers in Europe. Each member of the team has specific knowledge regarding the country in which they operate making sure to adapt and comply to regional requirements. Naturali team includes German, Ukrainian, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and English speakers. If this is something of interest, please get in touch.


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