Giacobazzi vini

Dear partner,

we would like to introduce you to Giacobazzi Vini which is a brand that has made the history of Lambrusco and of the great Italian Spumanti. Giacobazzi is rooted at the heart of “Lambrusco Land”: the vineyards and the company headquarter are located in the provinces of Modena, in Emilia Romagna region

Since generations, Giacobazzi family is fully involved into the care of fields and wines. A passion that in the old 60s led the family to expand the Lambrusco name beyond the Italian borders helping it to become the Italian best-selling wine all over the world. In addition to Lambrusco, the winery produces sparkling wines and non-alcoholic sparkling grape juices, thanks to a pioneering intuition of Antonio Giacobazzi’ s mind.

Innovative and nonconformist, the firm is since ever bounded to the world of sports thanks to the sponsorships of teams and champions in various fields such as soccer, boxing, cycling and rugby, but among all of them, the one that is nowadays imprinted in everyones memory is the partnership with Ferrari team and Gilles Villeneuve.

Naturali takes care of developing awareness of Italian FMCG producers in Europe. Each member of the team has specific knowledge regarding the country in which they operate making sure to adapt and comply to regional requirements. Naturali team includes German, Ukrainian, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and English speakers. If this is something of interest, please get in touch.

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