Centrale del Latte d’Italia

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Centrale del Latte d’Italia is the third Italian hub for fresh milk and it specialised in the production of Fresh and Long Term Milk, Cream and vegetable milk substitutes.

Its 5 production plants are located in Tuscany, Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto and Liguria and the company turnover is above €200 million. Centrale del Latte d’Italia is quoted on the Italian Stock Market (“STAR” segment) since 2001.

Centrale del Latte product categories are as follow:

In the recent years the company has made a serious effort trying to prepare a specific soya milk made for cappuccino which could give to soya milk consumer the real taste of Italian cappuccino.

CAPPUCCINO LOVERS presents an exclusive recipe without chemicals and it is the secret for a Barista Special to make a special soy cappuccino. CAPPUCCINO LOVERS main features are: natural recipe, one year of shelf life, gluten free and GMO free, 100% Italian origin and 15 cups for a single pack 1 litre.

Naturali takes care of developing awareness of Italian FMCG producers in Europe. Each member of the team has specific knowledge regarding the country in which they operate making sure to adapt and comply to regional requirements. Naturali team includes German, Ukrainian, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and English speakers. If this is something of interest, please get in touch.

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