Fabianelli Pasta

We are really happy to introduce you one of the best Italian pasta producers since 1860 Pastificio Fabianelli. Tradition, love, research, quality, experience and flavour are the secrets that can be discovered tasting a plate of Pasta Fabianelli. Pasta is a food made of simple ingredients, water and durum wheat semolina, and produced through complex and balanced processes.

The production, today, has an assortment of sizes, shapes and lines such to meet the needs of international customers: durum wheat semolina pasta, egg pasta, catering pasta. Fabianelli’s Group is completed and enriched by the brand Maltagliati and Pasta Toscana, a product of high quality due to the selection of high quality durum wheat farmed only in Tuscany. Pasta Toscana presents its three lines, Classic, Organic, and Whole Wheat with Omega 3.

We know how important quality certificates are worldwide, so we always try to do everything possible to ensure that our products meet all possible quality standards.
Our certifications: 
ISO 9001-2015
3a PTA
CE 834/20078

Pasta Fabianelli is daily produced, when the long grains of wheat, carefully sorted, meets the purest water. A manufacturing process where tradition, modernity and technology combine with strict controls, passion and attention to the details. Semolina, free from impurities, made up of a strong gluten and obtained from the best drum wheat, is led to the plant in Castiglion Fiorentino, where it is well-controlled and stocked in the giant grain bins.

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